Green Energy

The increasing need to become aware of the impact that industrial manufacturing has on the environment, has encouraged the Dalla Costa brothers to address this specific issue, by implementing a process that optimises the production of energy resources. In 2010, a new state-of-the-art photovoltaic plant was installed, consisting of 780 polycrystalline solar panels, which were positioned on the roofs of the industrial plant in Castelminio di Resana, generating some 171.60 KWP of power. With the energy produced by this photovoltaic plant equalling about 200,000 Kw, the Dalla Costa pasta factory can safely say that today, in order to maintain its annual manufacturing cycle, its avoids consuming the equivalent of 45 tons of oil and emitting 104,000 Kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. A distinctive and characteristic indicator of a Company that is conscious of its growth, but that also pays close attention to the codes of sustainability and ethics that protect man and the environment.