The quality of the final product is just one of the basic cornerstones for selling one of pasta Dalla Costa. In this pasta manufacturing plant, excellence is pursued right from the selection of the raw materials so as to win over end consumers, but especially to have show our high regard for them when they select our products. There are three raw materials at Dalla Costa that create quality products: the durum wheat semolina, the water and the flavourings. The semolina that originates exclusively from Italian mills is selected on the basis of its chemical-physical characteristics that must remain constant over time. The water used in the dough is sourced from the water table below the Company at a depth of 90 metres. It was documented in the twelfth century as being "miraculous" because of its purity, a characteristic that it still retains at elevated levels today. The selected vegetables and spices, such as tomatoes, spinach, origanum and basil are all stringently dehydrated from fresh products. During the manufacturing process, we only use bronze extruders, and leave the pasta to dry slowly at lower temperatures. This is how our products reach their quality level of excellence, which is reflected in their perfect consistency, the firmness they retain during cooking, the optimal level of roughness on the surface area that holds any kind of condiment, and the fact that they are easily digestible.