The choice of wheat

In the dry pasta manufacturing process, the first step is choosing the durum wheat, which is selected on the basis of its chemical and physical characteristics. The raw material is transported to the mill where it is sifted to remove any impurities, and then ground, transforming it into semolina flour. The semolina flour arrives at the pasta factory, where the dehydration phase begins. The water content remaining must range between 30 to 35% to obtain a quality product. The so-called kneading phase to make the dough is done under vacuum to obtain a dough that is more resistant, and does not contain any air bubbles. The dough should also be compact and transparent, but most importantly, must have a bright colour. During this stage, it is possible to add other ingredients that have been stringently dried, so as to flavour or colour the mixture: from tomatoes to spinach in powder form, right through to chillies, origanum, basil, rosemary or other ingredients.