Pasta 100% LEGUMES

 The production with only legume flour allows to obtain a tasty first dish, with a new and original flavour. strozzapreti with organic red lentils, fusilli with organic chickpeas and penne with organic green peas can be ideal for those looking for a source of fibre and protein of vegetable origin in the diet. Legumes are indeed characterized by being naturally rich in protein and fibre.


The good Giants 
When a special durum wheat flour turns into a large shape pasta the result becomes a big Italian dish. Unique Pasta of giant dimension that is able to emanate the true Italian flavors. Special is the emotional impact that you see in the dish upon cooking, since the large shape keeps a good consistency and better absorb the sauce thanks to the roughness of the surface.
Made according to the rules of the traditional Italian pasta, it is strictly bronze drawn and dried at low temperature